Opening hours

During the first semester (September-January included) the library is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 18.45 for internal users only (EIUC/GC students and professors).
External users have to require an appointment both during first and second semester (contacts: librarian@eiuc .org  or +39 041 2720925).


Only EIUC students, tutors, professors and members of the staff are allowed to loan books from the EIUC library.
All external users can only consult the collections.

Regulations concerning the use of the EIUC Library for internal users:

  • only monographs can be loaned from the library. Journals, reviews and theses can only be consulted during the library opening hours;
  • a loan can only last 7 days, in some occasions less;
  • only 3 books can be loaned at a time;
  • books already loaned can be reserved;
  • books on loan cannot be lent to other students. They must return to the library without damages and marks;
  • when borrowing a book, you must operate through the Librarian/other supervisor service, who will be present during opening hours;
  • alarm systems to protect all the documents of the library were installed in 2005. Students are formally requested to put their bags and backpacks in the lockers outside the library. Please note that these lockers are reserved for the library’s regular visitors and that every evening, before the closing time of the Monastery, they must be emptied from any personal belongings;
  • a service photocopy machine is available for all students on the ground floor next to staff offices;
  • drinks and food are not allowed in the EIUC Library and Reading room.


The library features a Reading Room with human rights periodicals, bilingual and thematic dictionaries and manuals, movies and documentaries, as well as two computers available for bibliographical research only. Wireless connection is also provided.

Bibliographical researches and reference help could be asked to the librarian.

Other libraries in Venice

The EIUC library is connected with other libraries in Venice thanks to the shared online catalogue.

E.MA students are also welcome in two libraries in Venice that have special opening hours during evenings and weekends:

Please ask the EIUC librarian for the needed documents to access these libraries.