Collections – printed materials

The Monastery of San Nicolò houses a specialised multi-disciplinary library on human rights and democratisation issues, which includes, among others, high-quality printed resources, books, non-conventional publications and the theses produced by the E.MA students.

In the on-line catalogue you can also find all the E.MA theses, which are also present in print version in the library.

You just need to type “ theses” in the search box and click on “refine” than type:

  • Keywords if you wish to find theses on a specific topic (es. Migration)
  • Name of a professor if you are looking for theses supervised by him/her (es. Florence Benoit Rohmer)
  • Name of the university if you wish to know which theses were written in that athenaeum (es. Université de Strasbourg)

Some of the theses have a digital file attached (pointed out by this icon  in the right part of the description) which contain the table of content and abstract or the entire thesis, if authorized by the author. Click on “digital file” icon and click again where required.

If you prefer you can also make a research on all the E.MA theses by downloading the list ordered by academic year  or by second semester Universities.