List of conferences

Since its beginning EIUC organises conferences on topical issues with the COHOM (Working Party on Human Rights) which is responsible for shaping the EU Human Rights policy in its external relations.
The annual Diplomatic Conference is a unique opportunity for enhancing the dialogue among academics and diplomats on common human rights issues of interest. Conferences like these, enabling to tackle a same question with a practical and theoretical angle, represent a source of mutual enrichment both for diplomats and academics. It usually takes place in Venice in the third weekend of July which coincides with the Redentore Festival. Besides the “Diplomatic Conferences”, EIUC regularly organises high level conferences, seminars and workshops on the latest scientific and academics developments.

DateConference Title
13/07/2013 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on "Trade and Human Rights"
14/07/2012 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on "The EU and the Economic Social and Cultural Rights"
16/07/2011 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on “Comparative Approaches to Democratic Transitions”
17/07/2010 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on “The 2011 Review of the Human Rights Council”
15/07/2010 Round table on “Strategies for Development and Poverty Reduction” in Venice.
06/05/2010 Seminar on “The New European Union Architecture in the Field of Human Rights”, organised in Brussels, by EIUC in cooperation with the European Commission
14–15/12/2009 Venice-Lido, International seminar: “La justice transitionnelle comme instrument de transition démocratique”.
6/11/2009 Joint International Seminar on “Transitions and Transformation Processes”
22-26/07/2009 “International Seminar on Human Rights” organised by CUPL (Bejijng) in cooperation with EIUC, UNHCHR, SIDA, Ford Foundation
18/07/2009 EIUC Diplomatic Conference “The impact of the global economic crisis on human rights”
16-17/07/2009 EIUC-UNESCO Experts’ meeting: “The right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications”
22/06/2009 Discussion/Round table on “International Investments and Human Rights” – EIUC-Columbia University NY
22/06/2009 International Round table Discussion on Investment and Human Rights in New York, Columbia Law School
21-23/05/2009 literary debate “Crossings of Civilisations” in Venice
08/05/2009 International symposium on “Human Rights and Access to Vital Natural Resources”, Bologna
30/04/2009 Round table on “Business and human rights in times of global financial crisis”
30-31/01/2009 High-level Workshop on “Human Rights Diplomacy”
28-29/11/2008 Conference on the “Rights of Future Generations” – Budapest (Eotvos Lorand University – EIUC)
01/05/2009 Round-table “Human Rights and Business in Times of Global Financial Crisis: the impact of social rights” with Cà Foscari University Venice
13-15/11/2008 Colloquium on Constitutional Courts and the protection of human rights in the Maghreb Region – Hans Seidel Foundation/ EIUC/GIZ
16-18/10/2008 EIUC-UCSIA-University of Antwerp – International conference/workshop on “Local Relevance of Human Rights”
25-29/03/2008 EIUC participation/patronage of the conference “Re-writing rights in/through postcolonial cultures: try freedom” organised by Cà Foscari University Venice.
08/03/2008 Conference “Human rights today” organised by Inner Wheel International – Italian Council (EIUC patronage)
15/10/2007 Preparatory meeting for the conference October 2008 on “Local relevance of HR” - Antwerp (October 2008)
23/09/2007 Matinée - Round-table conference in Palazzo Ducale on “Humanisation of the International Order”
13-15/07/2007 E.MA/EIUC Diplomatic Conference “The implementation of the EU Guidelines on Human Rights”
18-19/05/2007 EIUC/GIZ/Tres Culturas conference in Seville “Culture as a resource/obstacle to democratisation/development”
08/07/2006 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on The Role of the European Union in the Newly Established UN Human Rights Council
02/07/2005 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on In Larger Freedom – Reform of the UN Human Rights Mechanisms
17/07/2004 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on Human Rights and Counterterrorism Strategies
19/07/2003 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on How to Improve the EU Input into UN Human Rights Policies
20/07/2002 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on Relations between the EU and Third Countries with Specific Reference to the Intercultural Dialogue, Human Rights and Fight against Terrorism
14/07/2001 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on The Master in Human Rights and Democratisation
25-28/05/2000 EIUC Diplomatic Conference on The EU and the Central Role of Human Rights and Democratic Principles in Relations with Third Countries