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Training Overview

Key Facts

  • Dates: 16-18 October 2017
  • Deadline for registration: 1August 2017
  • Location: Monastery of San Nicolò, Venice Lido (Italy)
  • ACTIONES Project director: Fabrizio Cafaggi
  • ACTIONES Project manager: Federica Casarosa
  • EIUC ACTIONES Project team: Karolina Podstawa & Veronika Haász


The ACTIONES project is based on the premise that a high and coherent standard of fundamental rights protection within the EU requires way more than simple knowledge of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This must be complemented by deep social and political sensitivity, awareness and swiftness in adopting procedural solutions offered by various legal orders, openness to their products, and readiness to engage in exchanges of views. These qualities must be nurtured with the awareness of time and resource limitations judges and lawyers face in their everyday work.

The ACTIONES training methodology departs from the traditional vertical, top-down approach. It rather endorses a bottom-up approach, where academics and practitioners engage in direct exchanges of views, in light of their real needs and difficulties as highlighted by the practice. The approach is also holistic, in the sense that it aims at deepening the understanding by legal practitioners of all sets of challenges underlying the application of the Charter, which are primarily legal in nature but, particularly in certain fields, also social, economic and political.

The final training of the project, ʽFundamental rights strategic litigation à la Carte in the European Union’ aims at offering training to legal professionals other than judges testing different means of reaching the audience. To fulfil the objective of the training and the final part of the ACTIONES project the participants receive in addition to the ACTIONES handbook, developed throughout the project, an additional module focusing on strategic litigation drawing from the examples included in the Handbook and other additional areas.

Whilst the focus of the training will be the do-s and do not-s of the strategic litigation in all its forms, the living area to explore the possibilities will be that of asylum and migration. The training will take as a starting point the Asylum and Migration module of the ACTIONES project as pointing to the dynamically growing area of case law pointing to the opportunities missed by both the litigants and the judges.


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