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The 3 days training is organised around the three main areas:

  • I: Strategic and public interest – human rights and policy concerns

The role of the different actors before, during and after litigation will be discussed. This includes the methods of informing applicants about their rights (access to justice, right to fair trial and other procedural rights), the courts’ perspective on strategic litigation, the stand of organisations representing parties, the policy implications of winning cases (implementation of judgments), and the role of the different instances at the regional and international levels.

  • II: Strategic litigation à la EU Carte – best practices of strategic litigation on the basis of selected fundamental rights protected by the EU Charter

The discussions will include learning from the areas of non-discrimination, consumer protection, environmental rights, as well as current fundamental rights issues on the basis of the most recent case law in the field of asylum and irregular migration. Throughout the first two parts, case studies on procedural issues relating to public interest litigation will be analysed.

  • III: Sharing best practices and challenges around the table and case simulation

Participants will be asked to share their best practices in small groups, highlight their challenges and try to find solution based on the learning (using flip charts etc. for presenting in the groups and later in the plenary). The training will be closed by big simulation on the basis of the presented case study on using this access to courts for strategic purposes in migration matters.

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