Global Campus of Regional Masters


One of the key features of the Global Campus of Regional Masters is the impressive range of high level academics, experts and officials from a variety of institutions and organisations who teach on the course, provide thesis supervision and share with students insights into human rights practice and debates.

Here you can find the lists of academics and experts divided by Regional Master:

Exchange of professors

This activity aims at progressively putting in contact the academics of each programme, with the students and the curricula of the other Regional Masters. It envisages the exchange of one professor for each Regional Master, who shall teach a specific module and unit, short seminar and alike, prepared and offered to the intakes of another Regional during the academic year. These exchanges deepen the global understanding of human rights issues by the students and advance the academic research and international collaborations.

- Prof Frans Viljoen visits LATMA Students for a series of series of lectures on the African System [Read the article]