A place to show

The historical setting of the Monastery of San Nicolò provides the natural atmosphere to appreciate the potential of the arts as vehicle for human rights awareness.

Being anchored to the multidisciplinary nature of human rights and democracy, the Human Rights Village also embraces the arts as an instrument for raising awareness among a wider public on themes related to human rights and democracy.

Thanks to the relationship with the City of Venice and in the framework of the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, the Monastery of San Nicolò also hosted an atelier d’artiste for Antonio Nocera, master of sculpture. In the context of Human Rights, a number of valuable collaborations have been established between this artist and worldwide recognized institutions, such as the European Parliament, UNESCO, ONU, UNICEF and INCA. With the project I libri d’acqua, Maestro Nocera focuses his attention on the theme of “migration” seen as total social phenomenon; as expression of a fundamental human right and also for the implication and the consequences that the migrant transition has on the characteristics and dynamics of the family’s structure, in the countries of departure and of arrival.

Opening the doors of the monastery to sculpture is a welcome initiative that continues EIUC’s engagement with the septième art, cinema and visual arts in general. Already in 2004 EIUC expanded its activities to include initiatives in the field of cinema and human rights, as well as on the theme of democracy and human rights in visual arts considering that an image says more than a thousand words. It is in this perspective that EIUC organised or co-organised the following activities:

  • the EIUC Summer School on Cinema and Human Rights that saw the first instance of cooperation with La Biennale di Venezia (participants were human rights practitioners, film makers and producers, and human rights and film students)
  • the Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival (in August 2012)
  • the EIUC Human Rights Film Award (in the framework of the Venice International Film Festival (Mostra del Cinema di Venezia)
  • the EIUC Building Bridges Human Rights Film Festivals (organised with the students of the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation)
  • the EIUC Photo Competitions on Visualising Democracy (amateur photo competition involving students and alumni of all Global Campus universities)
  • Photo exhibitions such as the one of Nick Danziger, photographer and documentary-maker