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EIUC has become a recognised international centre for advanced training dedicated to senior officials of international organisations, field personnel, and other human rights professionals. The objectives of the training seminars are to meet operational requirements and identify processes and means of transferring academic and institutional expertise into the public sphere.

EU Charter

Training for International Electoral Observers

Open and legitimate elections are the indispensable foundation for sustainable development and an effective democracy and actions supporting the right to participate in genuine elections can play a major role in sustaining peace, security and conflict prevention.

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Training Seminar La Tutela dei Diritti Umani presso la Corte Europea dei Diritti dell'Uomo

Training Seminar La Tutela dei Diritti Umani presso la Corte Europea dei Diritti dell'Uomo

L’obiettivo del corso è di formare avvocati, giudici e operatori del diritto italiani sui i meccanismi di protezione dei diritti fondamentali previsti dalla Convenzione Europea dei Diritti dell’Uomo.

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EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

The seminar is conceived for all jurists who can be confronted with different case law where EU Law applies, and who can then uphold the rights guaranteed by the Charter against a national law or legal practice.

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EIUC training series aims at transferring specific skills and competences to its participants. Discover More

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How to apply

In order to apply for other EIUC training courses, please visit the web page dedicated to the relevant course. Read More

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Previous editions

Past training courses aimed at forming human rights practitioners on ad hoc human rights and democratisation topics, and on specific human rights and democratisation skills/competences. View More

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For any general query about EIUC training seminars, or should you/your organisation wish to co-operate with EIUC to organise a training course, please contact us. Ask the Project Department

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