Joint Programmes

Bejing Summer Course on Human Rights Law

Since 2009, EIUC is cooperating with the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), one of the most prestigious Universities in China.

The cooperation of EIUC with CUPL focuses on the participation of professors of EIUC network in the Summer Course on Human Rights Law organised by CUPL and co-sponsored by Chinese Ministry of Education, Swedish International Development Agency through the Raoul Wallenberg Institute, EU through Irish Center for Human Rights, the Ford Foundation, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. and the EIUC.

At the same time, the Co-Director of the Institute for Human Rights at CUPL, Dr. Wei Zhang, participates in the project-week of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA), and in some other EIUC activities organised over the years. CUPL also sends some students to attend the E.MA Programme.

Thanks to the National Human Rights Action Plan of China, the Institute for Human Rights at CUPL was set up in December 2011 as one of the three Chinese National Centers for Human Rights Education and Trainings.

Human Rights was defined as one of the core university value at CUPL by her current President, Prof. Jin Huang. Prof. Huang at the same time also serves as the Director of the Institute.