2nd Semester

In the Second Semester (February-July 2016) students are assigned to one of the 41 participating Universities in order to follow courses (assessed according to the hosting university’s practice) and to undertake supervised research for their Master’s Thesis.

This part of the programme is conceived as a European exchange, which implies that students will be hosted for the second semester activities in a university located in a country other than their own. The process of defining individual thesis topics and identifying suitable E.MA Universities to host these studies is undertaken in the course of the first semester from September to December 2015 in accordance with the following scheme:

By September the universities provide the E.MA students with all relevant available information on courses offered for the second semester, as well as an indication of the areas of research in which they can offer thesis supervision;

In order to facilitate this process, an information session will be organised by the E.MA academic team. Particular attention is given to organisational and logistical issues as well as to thesis topics. The E.MA Academic Team will assist in advising students on their second semester university choices and thesis topics. Any communication regarding second semester options must go through the E.MA Team.

By early November students make a research proposal available to the E.MA Fellows together with a list of six Universities, in no ranking order, which they feel could host their research. Each choice needs to be motivated with one short sentence. The research proposal will be presented according to the standardised format provided by the E.MA Team. The E.MA Fellows communicate student preferences to all relevant Universities;

By the end of November the Universities respond to the research proposals via the E.MA Fellows on availability of supervision. Responses can be ‘yes’ ‘maybe’ or ‘no’ and need to be motivated with one short sentence. The maximum number of positive responses is six per university.

On the basis of student choices and university responses, the E.MA Programme Director prepares a proposal for the E.MA Council. The E.MA Programme Director will facilitate cases where identifying an appropriate University appears difficult.

At the beginning of December the E.MA Council takes into account both student and University preferences and finally decides the distribution of students.

The maximum number of students that can be hosted by each participating E.MA University shall be three. Students may be allocated to any E.MA University on the basis of compatibility of the thesis topic with the respective department and the quality of the thesis proposal. The decision of the E.MA Council is final and binding. The information sheets presenting the 41 E.MA participating Universities, second semester courses they provide and brief profiles of the E.MA Directors are available online