2nd Semester

During the E.MA second semester students relocate to one of the 41 participating universities to follow courses in an area of specialisation of their own choice and to undertake personal supervised research finalised to the writing of their Master‘s thesis.

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This part of the programme is conceived as a European exchange which implies that students will be hosted for the second semester activities in a university located in a country other than their own. The process of defining individual thesis topics and identifying suitable E.MA Universities to host these studies is undertaken with the assistance of the E.MA Academic Team in the course of the first semester from September to December, according to an established format. The maximum number of students that can be hosted by each participating University is three. Students may be allocated to any E.MA University on the basis of both the student and the university’s interest, the fittingness of the thesis topic in the respective department and the quality of the thesis proposal. The decision is made by the E.MA Council and is final and binding.