E.MA: EIUC's main teaching programme

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) is a one-year advanced master’s course aimed at preparing professionals to respond to the operational requirements of daily work in international organisations, field operations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, and academia.

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Why E.MA

A unique learning and human experience

Apply to E.MA to enhance your knowledge, gain practical skills, develop competences and self-confidence and boost your career.

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Structure and Content

An intensive one-year Master’s programme

E.MA’s academic year is divided into two semesters: a First Semester from September to January in Venice and a Second Semester from February to July in one of the 41 E.MA universities in the EU.

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Admission criteria

E.MA is open to EU and non-EU citizens

The criteria used during the selection process are: academic ability and background, experience, language competence, motivation

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Becoming an E.MA student

All you need to know as a prospective student

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Being an E.MA Student

All you need to know as a current student

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E.MA News

The latest from E.MA as it happens

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The Call for Applications for E.MA 2018/2019 is now OPEN

EMA Your Next Master Programme

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About E.MA

Organisational structure, Team, Charter

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41 Leading centres and academics

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E.MAlumni Careers

Job opportunities and success stories

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Participant voices

Views about E.MA

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Meet the Team


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