Region of Veneto

The Region of Veneto is another key partner of EIUC as it provides substantial funding. On 24 December 2004, the Regional Council adopted an amendment to the Regional Bill n. 33/1998 (formerly endorsed by the Region of Veneto in support of the E.MA Master’s Programme in December 1999), thus entitling EIUC to receive the Regional contribution and stating that a representative of the Region would sit on the EIUC Board of Administrators.

Liaising with the Region of Veneto, and in particular with Dott. Vecchiato, Director of the Regional International Relations Department, also provided the occasion for both parties to envisage a strategy for cooperation that led to the organisation of further joint activities. In 2005/2006 the Region of Veneto co-sponsored the international conference/round table on “Promoting Sustainable Democracy” which EIUC organised in July 2006 together with GTZ, and the E.MA Awarding / Opening Ceremony organised by EIUC on 24 September 2006.