EIUC Organs

EIUC Assembly

The EIUC Assembly is composed by the representatives of all universities which have endorsed the Statute of the Association (38 to date). Participation in the EIUC Assembly is offered, according to the Statute (revised on 18/02/2017), to all universities that are active in the E.MA Programme, while the Assembly may admit “as additional member universities other institutions of higher education willing to contribute to the aims of the Center, provided they fully agree with the terms of the Statute. In particular, universities participating in one of the regional Master programmes of the Global Campus may be admitted as additional members” (Art.3.3 – EIUC Statute)


Main functions (Art. 9 - Tasks of the Assembly)

1. The Assembly is sovereign in all subjects of its competence, in accordance with the present Statute and the existing norms.

2.The Assembly will decide on the following:

1° appointment of the President, of the First Vice-President and other Vice-Presidents if required, and of the Honorary President/s of the Centre;

2° appointment of the Secretary-General;

3° appointment of the Board of Administrators;

4° appointment of one to three Auditors;

5° appointment of the Advisory Board;

6° approval of the general directions, of the annual work programme, and of the budget of the Centre for the activity cycle ahead;

7° approval of the financial statement of the Centre;

8° the regulations of the Centre;

9° the acceptance of contributions from entities that are not members of the Centre or from the private sector;

10° the approval of draft agreements with public and private entities;

11° the determination of the emoluments for the members of the Centre's organs;

12° the approval of proposed changes to the present Statute.

13° the exclusion of members of the Centre

14° the dismissal of any official appointed by the Assembly in accordance with Art.21 of the present statute.

15° the dissolution of the Association and the appointment of a liquidator in accordance with Art. 22 of the present statute.


Present composition:

(representative of ) University of Graz Austria

(representative of ) University of Vienna Austria

(representative of ) Catholic University of Leuven Belgium

(representative of ) Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium

(representative of ) University of Sofia Bulgaria

(representative of) University of Cyprus Cyprus

(representative of) University of Zagreb Croatia

(representative of) University of Brno Czech Republic

(representative of ) University of Southern Denmark Denmark

(representative of ) Université du Luxemburg Luxembourg

(representative of ) University of Tartu Estonia

(representative of ) Université de Strasbourg France

(representative of) Université de Montpellier France

(representative of ) Ruhr-University Bochum Germany

(representative of ) University of Hamburg Germany

(representative of ) Panteion University, Athens Greece

(representative of ) Aristotle University, Thessaloniki Greece

(representative of ) Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Hungary

(representative of ) National University of Ireland, Dublin Ireland

(representative of ) National University of Ireland, Galway Ireland

(representative of ) University of Padua Italy

(representative of ) University of Venice, Cà Foscari Italy

(representative of ) University of Latvia Latvia

(representative of ) Vilnius University Lithuania

(representative of ) Université du Luxemburg Luxembourg

(representative of ) University of Malta Malta

(representative of ) Maastricht University The Netherlands

(representative of ) Utrecht University The Netherlands

(representative of ) Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan Poland

(representative of ) University of Coimbra Portugal

(representative of ) New University of Lisbon Portugal

(representative of) University of Bucharest Romania

(representative of ) Comenius University of Bratislava Slovak Republic

(representative of ) University of Ljubljana Slovenia

(representative of ) University of Deusto, Bilbao Spain

(representative of ) University of Seville Spain

(representative of ) University of Nottingham UK

(representative of ) Queen’s University Belfast UK