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EIUC Advisory Board

The EIUC Advisory Board - originally established as advisory organ to the E.MA governing bodies - has since the creation of EIUC become an advisory body not only for E.MA but for the entire range of EIUC activities, and is now extending its range to the Global Campus, with participation being offered also to representatives suggested by the Global Campus partner universities. 

As provided by Art. 16 - Composition and tasks of the Advisory Board – of the EIUC Statute: 

  1. The Assembly can appoint, upon proposal of the Board of Administrators, an Advisory Board composed by individuals and representatives of international, national, and non-governmental organisations, active in the field of human rights and democratisation. Moreover, the Assembly may appoint as members of the Board other persons of high professional standing in the areas relevant to human rights and democratisation or to EIUC activities, nominated by the members of the Centre.
  2. The main task of the Advisory Board is to provide advice to the organs of the Centre as regards the contents of the education, training, and research activities, implemented by the Centre.
  3. The Advisory Board will meet at least once every year.


2016/2017 Composition - Advisory Board Members

  • Thomas MILLAR, Head of Unit DEVCO/B1 – Governance, Democracy, Gender, Human Rights, EU – DEVCO
  • Ulrike LUNACEK, Vice President, European Parliament
  • Ciara O’BRIEN, COHOM Chair, EEAS
  • Michael O’FLAHERTY, Director, FRA
  • Kate GILMORE, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, OHCHR
  • Nada AL-NASHIF, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO
  • Volker TUERK, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection & Director of the Division of International Protection, UNHCR
  • Lamberto ZANNIER, Secretary General, OSCE
  • Michael Georg LINK, Director ODIHR, OSCE
  • Luisella PAVAN-WOOLFE, Head of Office, Director, CoE Venice Office
  • Victor MADRIGAL-BORLOZ, Secretary General, International Rehabilitation Committee for Torture Victims (IRCT)
  • Lotte LEICHT, Brussels Office Director, Human Rights Watch
  • Wilder TAYLER, Secretary General, International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
  • Niccolò FIGA’ TALAMANCA, Secretary General, No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ)
  • Cornelia RICHTER, Director General, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH,
  • Luigi BRUGNARO, Mayor, City of Venice
  • Luca ZAIA, President, Region of Veneto
  • Christian STROHAL, Ambassador PR of Austria to OSCE
  • Cees FLINTERMANN, Emeritus Professor of HR and former member of the UN Human Rights Committee, Maastricht
  • Andrea SUBHAN, former EP official, Human Rights expert