Venice Academy of Human Rights


The programme of the Venice Academy of Human Rights consists of lectures, seminars, panel presentations and discussion sessions. The panel presentations are an opportunity for a selected number of participants to present and discuss their own 'work in progress' and receive comments from faculty members and peers.The Venice Academy of Human Rights does not offer an introduction to human rights. It provides a forum for the exchange, challenge and innovation of ideas and expertise for participants who are at an advanced stage of their career.

Will Kymlicka (general course)
Lecture 1: "Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in Theory and Practice"
Lecture 2: "The Development of the European Regime of Rights for National Minorities"
Lecture 3: "The Development of a Global Indigenous Rights Regime"
Lecture 4: "Backlash and the Future of Multiculturalism"
Seminar: "The Politics of the Human in Human Rights"

Armin von Bogdandy
Lectures: "The Right to Have Rights at the Prize of Weakening the Union? The Many Faces of the Fight Against Systemic Deficiencies"
Seminar: "What are Legitimate Functions of Human Rights Courts?"

Andreas Føllesdal
Lecture 1: "How the European Court of Human Rights Disintegrates Communities and Domestic Courts"
Lecture 2: "How the European Court of Human Rights Integrates Communities and Domestic Courts"
Seminar: "Brighton and Beyond: Backlashes against the European Court of Human Rights - and how to respond"

Marc Weller
Lecture 1: "Self-determination and the Promise of Integration"
Lecture 2: "Self-determination and the reality of Disintegration?"
Seminar: "Self-determination Settlements: Between Decentralization and Independence"

Marlene Wind
Lecture 1: "The Uneven Legal Push for Europe: Domestic Courts and Preliminary References in the European Union"
Lecture 2: "Do Advanced Democracies Care About International Law?"
Seminar: "Why is interdisciplinarity a must when studying law, courts and human rights?"