The range of EIUC publications gathers several studies on human rights commissioned by the European Parliament, as well as academic papers and European yearbooks.

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EP Studies

EIUC has developed into a regular advisor to the European Parliament on human rights issues

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Cambridge University Press series EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratisation

The series EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratisation was launched in March 2007

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EIUC Occasional Papers

The series EIUC Occasional Papers, launched by Marsilio Editori S.P.A. in Venice (Italy), presents the proceedings of international seminars and diplomatic conferences organised by EIUC.


Joint Publications

NEW: European Yearbook on Human Rights 2015, Editors: Wolfgang Benedek / Florence Benoît-Rohmer / Wolfram Karl / Matthias C. Kettemann / Manfred Nowak Read All

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Publications by EIUC Academics

“Droit international" by D. Carreau & F. Marrella. Prof. Fabrizio Marrella, Dean of the Human Rights Village, and Prof. Dominique Carreau have just published a reference textbook on International Law.
The book was launched a few days ago in Paris, France. It provides a balanced and modern analysis of international law from both traditional and critical perspectives. Read All

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E.MA Awarded Theses

Each academic year the E.MA Council selects 5 outstanding theses on the basis of their academic quality, originality, and contribution to the promotion and implementation of human rights and democratic values. See the Theses

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EIUC Voice Newsletter

EIUC Voice is the institutional newsletter of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation. It features articles by members of the governing bodies, professors and staff members on specific activities undertaken over the academic year. EIUC Voice equally announces upcoming events such as conferences, meetings or fairs in which EIUC & E.MA representatives participate. Read the Newsletter

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