Venice School of Human Rights

Human Rights as our Responsibility

EIUC Venice School of Human Rights was born in 2010 with the goal of studying today’s challenges in the field of human rights. It allows its participants coming from all over the world to list these challenges and examine their reasons and possible solutions they can deploy. The EIUC Venice School at the same time, combines theory and practice and its faculty involves both academics and practitioners. The Venice School intends to highlight that the respect for human rights is the responsibility of all, that « Human Rights are our responsibility ».


Business and Human Rights

States, international organisations, companies and civil society agree that there is hardly any more important topic in a globalised world than business and human rights. Major companies contribute to human rights implementation with different methods and means following the set of Ruggie principles.Download the Programme.

Jean Paul Jacque

Technical Progress and Human Rights

The cluster will focus on medical progress and IT development highlighting their strengths but at the same time limitation in regards to human rights violations and new challenges that stake holders are compelled to face. Download the Programme.

Beleza and Kalliope

Gender based Violence and Gender (in-) Equality: from ‘CEDAW’ to Istanbul and beyond

The cluster will discuss the under-reported phenomenon of gender-based violence starting from analysing the shortcomings of CEDAW and the way forward for the international normative framework to take this reality into account. Download the Programme.

Practical Information

Transports, accomodations, spare time, meals etc.